No Limit Texas Deep Stack

16.12.2017 15:00
110.00 €
OlyBet Poker Series Tallinn
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

25 min levels, late registration and re-entries are available until the start of level 9. Registration open also at online OlyBet Poker 3h prior to tournament.


Trophy for winner & added prizes from OlyBet:

Winner & best online qualifier - €110 ticket

Places 2.-10. - OlyBet €22 ticket

Bubble - OlyBet €22 ticket

Starting stack
8232 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 meeliz Estonia 1,450.00 € 300.00 Regular ranking
2 max pett Estonia 1,450.00 € 240.00 Regular ranking
3 Hanno L. Estonia 1,450.00 € 200.00 Regular ranking
4 Veiko A. Estonia 1,400.00 € 160.00 Regular ranking
5 Jussi H. Finland 1,300.00 € 140.00 Regular ranking
6 AT Estonia 477.00 € 120.00 Regular ranking
7 Petrus H.H J. Netherlands 378.00 € 100.00 Regular ranking
8 Vallo M. Estonia 321.00 € 80.00 Regular ranking
9 Matis M. Estonia 60.00 Regular ranking
777 Estonia
Alar N. Estonia
Birgit T. Estonia
C2mmy Estonia
Chardonnay Estonia
chromayanoga Russia
enderman Estonia
Gunnar H. Estonia
Hanno K. Estonia
Hardi S. Estonia
Igor V. Estonia
Indrek R. Estonia
Jaanus V. Estonia
Jarmo J. Finland
Jesse V. Finland
JockerPoker Estonia
joller Estonia
Jukka J. Finland
Jurii Z. Ukraine
Kalle S. Estonia
Khaled H. Finland
Kristo E. Estonia
L.P. Estonia
Laidnis Latvia
Lauri Estonia
LuckyDevil Estonia
Manu_Forte Estonia
Meelis S. Estonia
mySSq Estonia
Oskar O. Estonia
Osmo H. Finland
Pavel K. Estonia
Peeter T. Estonia
Priit O. Estonia
Ranno S. Estonia
Reimo V. Estonia
Robert L. Estonia
Roman T. Russia
Romet O. Estonia
sandmatic Estonia
sfanants Estonia
Silver S. Estonia
Stanislavs L. Latvia
SwiFter Estonia
Tanel T. Estonia
Tapio K. Finland
Teet M. Estonia
Tiina Maria Rantamäki Finland
Timo Kalevi R. Finland
Tuukka B. Finland
Viacheslav K. Estonia
Vladimir S. Russia