No Limit Texas - Deepstack Turbo

01.06.2019 15:00
70.00 €
Paf Live
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

20 min levels, single re-entry & late reg. period 8 levels. With re-entry card players are allowed to void their stack at the end of the re-entry period and to re-enter with the starting stack.


Additional prizes from Paf and trophy for winner!

Starting stack
6051 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Marius M. Estonia 1,845.00 € 315.00 Regular ranking
2 Anton K. Estonia 1,180.00 € 252.00 Regular ranking
3 Anssi K. Finland 829.00 € 210.00 Regular ranking
4 LI_aPb Estonia 605.00 € 168.00 Regular ranking
5 SV Estonia 405.00 € 147.00 Regular ranking
6 Janno K. Estonia 326.00 € 126.00 Regular ranking
7 Kosmoseahv Estonia 254.00 € 105.00 Regular ranking
8 Aleksandr G. Estonia 223.00 € 84.00 Regular ranking
9 Oleksandr T. Estonia 199.00 € 63.00 Regular ranking
10 Rein.I Estonia 181.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
29974 Estonia
a Estonia
Aleksei P. Estonia
Allan L. Estonia
AO Estonia
Arvo-Mart E. Estonia
Chardonnay Estonia
DaniilT Estonia
Danil D. Estonia
David K. Finland
David M. Estonia
Dmitri K. Estonia
Erik Estonia
Erik Hemming E. Finland
fawk3s Estonia
Gunnar H. Estonia
Hanno L. Estonia
Harald B. Norway
Henri K. Estonia
Ilona S. Estonia
Ivan P. Russia
Jaana K. Estonia
Jaanus V. Estonia
Janar N. Estonia
Janar Õ. Estonia
Janek K. Estonia
Jari Ä. Finland
Jasmiiny Estonia
Jevgeni V. Estonia
Jimmy Philippe D. Estonia
JockerPoker Estonia
justobserver Estonia
Kalev M. Estonia
Kalle S. Estonia
kalle s. Finland
Karev T. Estonia
Katri K. Estonia
Kert R. Estonia
Konstantin J. Estonia
L.P. Estonia
life74 Estonia
Margus T. Estonia
Marko K. Estonia
Martin O. Norway
Mati P. Estonia
matu Estonia
max pett Estonia
Michael G. United States
MIIA Estonia
Mountr D. Germany
novamas Estonia
Patze Finland
Payus Estonia
ploove Norway
Ranzo Estonia
Rauno A. Estonia
Rein Purpur Estonia
RelaX Estonia
remrem123 Estonia
Renta Eline K. Greece
Rett33 Estonia
Rommi Estonia
Siim K. Estonia
Silver S. Estonia
Taivo S. Estonia
Toomas A. Estonia
Toomas K. Estonia
Topi Tapani K. Finland
Ümid S. Estonia
URR66 Estonia
Veiko K. Estonia
Ville H. Finland
Vjatseslav I. Estonia