No Limit Texas - Deepstack Turbo

13.04.2019 15:00
70.00 €
Paf Live
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

20 min levels, single re-entry & late reg. period 8 levels. With re-entry card players are allowed to void their stack at the end of the re-entry period and to re-enter with the starting stack.


Additional prizes from Paf and trophy for winner!

Starting stack
6178 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Ilona S. Estonia 794.00 € 315.00 Regular ranking
2 Stanislav S. Estonia 794.00 € 252.00 Regular ranking
3 Lauri L. Estonia 794.00 € 210.00 Regular ranking
4 Esop Estonia 794.00 € 168.00 Regular ranking
5 Jaakko K. Finland 794.00 € 147.00 Regular ranking
6 AO Estonia 794.00 € 126.00 Regular ranking
7 LuckyDevil Estonia 794.00 € 105.00 Regular ranking
8 Janek K. Estonia 228.00 € 84.00 Regular ranking
9 fawk3s Estonia 203.00 € 63.00 Regular ranking
10 Aleksandr G. Estonia 185.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
29974 Estonia
34445 Estonia
a Estonia
A1 Estonia
Anastasi P. Estonia
Andrei V. Russia
Anton K. Estonia
Antti Oskari T. Finland
Argo G. Estonia
Argo M. Estonia
AT Estonia
Ave L. Estonia
barny Estonia
Berghugo Estonia
C2mmy Estonia
Chardonnay Estonia
Gregorian Estonia
Hanno L. Estonia
Hendrik H. Estonia
Herlis I. Estonia
imre Estonia
Indrek R. Estonia
Irina P. Estonia
Jaanus V. Estonia
Janek H. Estonia
Jevgeni V. Estonia
Jimmy Philippe D. Estonia
johnnyfox Estonia
Juha L. Finland
Kairit L. Estonia
Kalev M. Estonia
Kalle S. Estonia
Karl Robert V. Estonia
Kass Artur Estonia
Katri K. Estonia
Katrin K. Estonia
KKK Estonia
Klamber Estonia
Konstantin G. Estonia
Kristjan M. Estonia
Kristo S. Estonia
L.P. Estonia
maasikas Estonia
Manu_Forte Estonia
Margus T. Estonia
Mart R. Estonia
Mart T. Estonia
max pett Estonia
meeliz Estonia
Mirx Estonia
muru Estonia
oll Estonia
oravvv Estonia
Parviz H. Azerbaijan
Priit O. Estonia
Red888 Estonia
Rein Purpur Estonia
RelaX Estonia
Rikard A. Finland
Robert K. Estonia
Rommi Estonia
Rudolf S. Estonia
sfanants Estonia
shurman Estonia
Silver S. Estonia
Sirkka-Liisa S. Finland
sirtammel Estonia
Taavi V. Estonia
Taivo S. Estonia
Tanel R. Estonia
Teemu S. Finland
Timo Ö. Finland
Tõnis L. Estonia
URR66 Estonia
Vallo M. Estonia
Ville Juhani V. Finland
Vladimir I. Estonia