#3 No Limit Texas - Deepstack Turbo

01.12.2018 15:00
70.00 €
Paf Live
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

20 min levels, single re-entry & late reg. period 8 levels. With re-entry card players are allowed to void their stack at the end of the re-entry period and to re-enter with the starting stack.


Additional prizes from Paf and trophy for winner!

Starting stack
8408 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Jimmie E. Sweden 2,438.00 € 368.00 Regular ranking
2 David Ingemar N. Sweden 1,572.00 € 294.00 Regular ranking
3 Aleksandr G. Estonia 1,135.00 € 245.00 Regular ranking
4 Saar Estonia 798.00 € 196.00 Regular ranking
5 babagida Estonia 546.00 € 172.00 Regular ranking
6 Indrek R. Estonia 437.00 € 147.00 Regular ranking
7 Argo G. Estonia 336.00 € 123.00 Regular ranking
8 Andre A. Sweden 285.00 € 98.00 Regular ranking
9 Katrin K. Estonia 243.00 € 74.00 Regular ranking
10 Arvo-Mart E. Estonia 218.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
11 Mats Kenneth O. Sweden 201.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
12 novamas Estonia 193.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
1238781937 Estonia
29974 Estonia
AGNES Estonia
Alar N. Estonia
Allan Estonia
Ankit Omkar B. India
Anna Asa N. Sweden
Anne-Triin K. Estonia
Anzelo K. Estonia
Ardo T. Estonia
Bengt Ronny E. Sweden
Carl Per Christoffer H. Sweden
Christian S.H D. Sweden
Conny E. Sweden
Danel K. Estonia
David M. Estonia
Dmitri K. Estonia
Dmitri Z. Estonia
Ernst Bo S. Sweden
Esop Estonia
fawk3s Estonia
Gert I. Estonia
Gert P. Estonia
hakrik Finland
Hanno K. Estonia
Hans V. F. H. Sweden
Heikki Eetu Sakari H. Finland
Indrek R. Estonia
Ingrid Helena T. Sweden
Jaanus V. Estonia
Jan Erik A. Norway
Jani H. Finland
Janno P. Estonia
Jari Pekka R. Finland
Jarko L. Estonia
Jimmy Philippe D. Estonia
Johan N. Sweden
johnnyfox Estonia
Juha Petri A. Finland
jutajass Estonia
Kaimar P. Estonia
Karl - Henrik S. Finland
Kaur A. Estonia
Kert S. Estonia
Kim Ö. Sweden
Kristjan R. Estonia
krixkrix Estonia
Lars Greger L. Sweden
Lauri K. Finland
Leif R. M. A. Sweden
LIISKI65 Finland
Manu_Forte Estonia
Marger P. Estonia
Maria Elisa S. Finland
Marko K. Estonia
Marten O. Estonia
Mathijs R. Estonia
Mati P. Estonia
Mats E. Sweden
Mattias S. Estonia
Mauro- Mark M. Estonia
Mikael B. Sweden
Mikael Hans Sid E. Sweden
Mikael J. Sweden
Mikael W. Sweden
MM Estonia
Niko Johannes K. Finland
Norppa T. Finland
nUts Estonia
Oleh B. Ukraine
oll Estonia
Osmik Estonia
Pekka K. Sweden
Per-Erik U. Sweden
Peter B. Sweden
Pingviin Estonia
Pyry K. Finland
Rain M. Estonia
Rando Paimre Estonia
Rasmus E. Estonia
RB Estonia
Rein.I Estonia
Robert D. Finland
Robin Breivik O. Sweden
Roman T. Russia
Sami P. Finland
Sander J. Estonia
Sanna Kristiina V. Finland
Sergei B. Estonia
sfanants Estonia
shurman Estonia
Siiri S. Estonia
Silver S. Estonia
sirtammel Estonia
Stennnn Estonia
Sven Arne K. Sweden
Sven T. Estonia
Taavi T. Estonia
Taivo S. Estonia
Telz14 Estonia
Tiit P. Estonia
Toomas P. Estonia
TTa Estonia
Ulf Johan Rafael W. Sweden
ZIVE Latvia