No Limit Texas - Deepstack Turbo

07.10.2017 15:00
70.00 €
Paf Live
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

20 min levels, single re-entry & late reg. period 8 levels. With re-entry card players are allowed to void their stack at the end of the re-entry period and to re-enter with the starting stack.


Additional prizes from Paf and trophy for winner!

Starting stack
6943 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Oskar O. Estonia 1,474.00 € 315.00 Regular ranking
2 TTa Estonia 1,474.00 € 252.00 Regular ranking
3 Timo Ö. Finland 1,474.00 € 210.00 Regular ranking
4 Airin P. Estonia 694.00 € 168.00 Regular ranking
5 Nebraska Estonia 465.00 € 147.00 Regular ranking
6 Chardonnay Estonia 374.00 € 126.00 Regular ranking
7 777 Estonia 291.00 € 105.00 Regular ranking
8 Stanislav S. Estonia 256.00 € 84.00 Regular ranking
9 Manu_Forte Estonia 229.00 € 63.00 Regular ranking
10 Ott J. Estonia 208.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
29974 Estonia
Aavo M. Estonia
Aleksandr. II Estonia
Aleksei E. Russia
Alo K. Estonia
Andrei M. Russia
Andres A. Estonia
Ants A. Estonia
Argo G. Estonia
Ari P. Finland
Arvo-Mart E. Estonia
Ave L. Estonia
B4theFlop Estonia
Birgit V. Estonia
C2mmy Estonia
Caesar Estonia
Catlin M. Estonia
Danel K. Estonia
Dmitri K. Estonia
Dmitri S. Estonia
Eger E. Estonia
enderman Estonia
German T. Estonia
Gunnar H. Estonia
Hanno K. Estonia
Harald K. Austria
Helen P. Estonia
Indrek R. Estonia
Jaanus V. Estonia
Janek H. Estonia
Janek K. Estonia
juuso71 Finland
Kadri K. Estonia
Kalev M. Estonia
Kalle S. Estonia
Kati K. Estonia
Kert Hallik Estonia
Kix Estonia
KK Estonia
Koit Estonia
Kosmoseahv Estonia
kupokupopi Estonia
L.P. Estonia
Lauri L. Estonia
Leanika J. Estonia
Leone K. Estonia
Liisa S. Finland
Maksims Estonia
Margus T. Estonia
Marius S. Lithuania
Mart K. Estonia
Masoud M. Finland
Mati P. Estonia
matu Estonia
max pett Estonia
maxw Estonia
meeliz Estonia
Natalja M. Estonia
Nikita S. Estonia
Parviz H. Azerbaijan
Petrus H.H J. Netherlands
PIIX Estonia
Pjotr K. Estonia
RaimondasZ Lithuania
Ranno S. Estonia
Rasmus E. Estonia
Rein.I Estonia
Rommi Estonia
sandmatic Estonia
Sergei B. Estonia
Sergei N. Russia
Silver S. Estonia
Sivildur1 Estonia
Snufy Estonia
Tadas P. Lithuania
Tek Estonia
Tõnis T. Estonia
vap777 Estonia
Vilkar Estonia
Vladimir I. Estonia
White baribal Estonia