No Limit Texas - Deepstack

13.07.2019 17:00
110.00 €
OlyBet Poker Series Tallinn
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

NB! BB Ante from level 5. >Structure<. 25 min levels, late registration and re-entries 8 levels. Players are allowed to void their stack at the end of the re-entry period and to re-enter with the starting stack. Registration open also at online OlyBet Poker 5h prior to tournament. 

Tournament results will be sent to The Hendon Mob database.


Trophy for winner & added prizes from OlyBet:

Winner & best online qualifier - €110 ticket

Places 2.-10. - OlyBet €22 ticket

Bubble - OlyBet €22 ticket

Starting stack
9212 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Natalja M. Estonia 1,697.00 € 300.00 Regular ranking
2 Ilona S. Estonia 1,697.00 € 240.00 Regular ranking
3 Janek H. Estonia 1,697.00 € 200.00 Regular ranking
4 Siim K. Estonia 1,697.00 € 160.00 Regular ranking
5 kupokupopi Estonia 617.00 € 140.00 Regular ranking
6 34445 Estonia 497.00 € 120.00 Regular ranking
7 Chardonnay Estonia 386.00 € 100.00 Regular ranking
8 meeliz Estonia 340.00 € 80.00 Regular ranking
9 Jaakko K. Finland 304.00 € 60.00 Regular ranking
10 Sami Aleksi P. Finland 276.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
Alari Amover Lithuania
Aleksandr K. Russia
Andrus A. Estonia
Anton K. Estonia
Argo G. Estonia
AS Leshiy Estonia
babagida Estonia
barny Estonia
Birgit T. Estonia
C2mmy Estonia
Daniil T. Estonia
Denis M. Russia
Dmitri Z. Estonia
Dmitrii B. Russia
enderman Estonia
fawk3s Estonia
Hanno K. Estonia
Hendri M. Estonia
Ilmari Erkki Olavi S. Finland
Jaana K. Estonia
Janek K. Estonia
Jimmy Philippe D. Estonia
johnnyfox Estonia
Joni Juhani S. Finland
Joosep V. Estonia
Jorma S. Finland
Juha T. Finland
Jussi P. Finland
Jussi T. Finland
kalle s. Finland
Kalle S. Estonia
Kinsela Estonia
Konstantin M. Estonia
Kristjan M. Estonia
L.P. Estonia
Margus M. Estonia
Marius M. Estonia
Marko Juhani P. Finland
max pett Estonia
Paolo B. Italy
Rein Purpur Estonia
RelaX Estonia
robban Estonia
Seppo Juhani S. Finland
Silver S. Estonia
sirtammel Estonia
Tanel M. Estonia
Tero Olavi M. Finland
Tõnis V. Estonia
TTa Estonia
Urmas M. Estonia
Vallo M. Estonia
Veiko A. Estonia