Event #6 - Main Event Day 1

27.07.2017 12:00
1,100.00 €
Tallinn Summer Showdown 2017
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

Late Reg & Unlimited Re-Entries Until Start Of Day 2, Levels 60 min. Players are allowed to void their stack at the end of the day 1 if wanting to re-enter with the starting stack. 3% of the main event tournament prize pool will be withheld to cover the costs of staff. Registration open also at OlyBet.com 3h prior to tournament. 

Starting stack
120650 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Jukka K. Finland 33,200.00 €
2 Mathias Henrik Mikael S. Finland 22,900.00 €
3 Tomas S. Sweden 15,100.00 €
4 Kyösti Allan I. Finland 10,250.00 €
5 Eivind D. Norway 8,010.00 €
6 Antti K. Finland 5,850.00 €
7 Povilas J. Lithuania 4,620.00 €
8 Tapio V. Finland 3,670.00 €
9 Lauri Juhana H. Finland 3,090.00 €
10 Sami Aleksi P. Finland 2,710.00 €
11 Antti E. E. V. Finland 2,410.00 €
12 fawk3s Estonia 2,410.00 €
13 Risto P. Finland 2,210.00 €
14 Andrejs Latvia 2,210.00 €
15 Aleksei K. Russia 2,010.00 €
16 dk Latvia Bubble Prize
Aki P. Finland
Aleksandr A. Estonia
Aleksandras R. Lithuania
Aleksei M. Estonia
Amir B. Finland
Andreas K. Estonia
Argo G. Estonia
Arturs K. Latvia
AS Leshiy Estonia
C2mmy Estonia
Danel K. Estonia
Daniel L. Estonia
De Niro Germany
Dennis B. Sweden
Eduards K. Latvia
Edvinas U. Lithuania
Eimantas A. Lithuania
Erik S. Finland
German T. Estonia
Grebnarts Estonia
Henri O. Finland
Henri P. Finland
Ida N. Malta
Igor P. Estonia
Ingemar Andreas L. Sweden
iPuntWhatU Estonia
Jaanus V. Estonia
Joonas H. Finland
Joonas Henrik S. Sweden
Jörg W. Germany
Juha H. Finland
Jurijs B. Latvia
Jussi K. Finland
Jussi M. Finland
Kaarel L. Estonia
kachkis Lithuania
Kasper M. Finland
Kimmo Matias K. Finland
Koit Estonia
Kristo K. Estonia
KsAAjets Estonia
Kuldar M. Estonia
Kus_on_kassa Estonia
Leo T. P. Finland
Mantas B. Lithuania
Markku K. Estonia
Mati P. Estonia
Matias K. Finland
Meelis S. Estonia
meeliz Estonia
Mette-Marica P. Finland
Mika M. Finland
Mikael K. Finland
Mikko J. P. M. Finland
OlybetPPL Latvia
Ott J. Estonia
Oyvind S. Norway
Pasi A. Finland
Pasi Mauri K. Finland
Peter Michael J. Sweden
qwerty Latvia
RaimondasZ Lithuania
Ranno S. Estonia
Renno R. Estonia
Richard R. United States
Rommi Estonia
Sami S. Finland
sandmatic Estonia
Santeri V. Finland
Siiri S. Estonia
skylorrd Estonia
Stanislav S. Estonia
Sturla Eikeset O. Norway
Tommi Petteri L. Finland
Torsti K. Finland
Tunnet T. Estonia
Tuukka M. Finland
vap777 Estonia
Vijar T. Finland
Vladimir I. Estonia
Vygerdas J. Lithuania