Event #20 - NLH Win the Button

14.02.2018 23:00
110.00 €
OlyBet Kings of Tallinn
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

Freezeout, Turbo, Levels 10 min, Late Reg 6 Levels


Satellites available at OlyBet. More info here.

NB! Registration open also in money at OlyBet 3h prior to tournament.

Starting stack
10545 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Henri O. Finland 3,110.00 €
2 KsAAjets Estonia 2,150.00 €
3 Jukka J. Finland 1,325.00 €
4 Matias A. Finland 920.00 €
5 Marko Jyri Juhani V. Finland 710.00 €
6 Martins K. Latvia 520.00 €
7 Vilkar Estonia 400.00 €
8 Johnny Peter L. Estonia 300.00 €
9 Mikael H. Denmark 240.00 €
10 Roberts R. Latvia 240.00 €
11 Kert Hallik Estonia 210.00 €
12 Pavel K. Estonia 210.00 €
13 juuso71 Finland 210.00 €
AiridasS Lithuania
Aleksei S. Estonia
Aleksei V. Russia
Aleksi H. Finland
Alex Estonia
Anders D. Norway
Andrejs S. Latvia
Anne M. Finland
Antoine D. Malta
Antti E. E. V. Finland
Arttu Markus L. Malta
Aurimaso Lithuania
B4theFlop Estonia
baretigaorav Estonia
barny Estonia
Beto M. Estonia
Diego Z. Czech Republic
Esa J. Finland
Grebnarts Estonia
Greenbay Sweden
Hannu H. Finland
Harri N. Finland
Henri K. Estonia
Henri Mikael O. Finland
Henri Mikael S. Finland
Henri V. Finland
Henrik R. Sweden
hull33 Estonia
Jaanus V. Estonia
Jalil M. Sweden
Janne M. Finland
Jarkko Juhani S. Finland
Jimmy O. Sweden
Juha Tapani S. Finland
Juha W. Finland
Juho S. Finland
Juris H. Latvia
Kaspars Latvia
Kauno J. Finland
Kelly L. Estonia
Kimmo Matias K. Finland
Konstantin J. Russia
Kristian K. Finland
Kristian Matias Z. Finland
La Di Da Di Latvia
Laidnis Latvia
Lasse L. Finland
Lauri Juhana H. Finland
Lauri R. Finland
Leo T. P. Finland
LIISKI65 Finland
Lukas R Lithuania
Maksims Estonia
Marjo N. Finland
Marko K. Finland
Marko V. Finland
Markus J. Finland
Matīss C. Latvia
Mika P. Finland
Mikael S. Sweden
Nemo V. Finland
Niko I. Finland
Nils Leif Michael D. Sweden
Olga B. Lithuania
Olli V. Estonia
OlybetPPL Latvia
Paolo B. Italy
Peter L. Sweden
Peter N. Sweden
Petri N. Finland
Petteri L. Finland
Raimo A. Finland
Rami H. Finland
Reinis S. Latvia
Renee S. Estonia
Risto P. Finland
Risto Tapio A. Finland
Romans L. Latvia
Rommi Estonia
Roope T. Finland
Sami N. Finland
Samir A. Sweden
sandmatic Estonia
Sauli H. Finland
Seppo S. Finland
Sergei K. Estonia
Sergey S. Russia
Shahin S. Sweden
Siim S. Estonia
Stanislav S. Estonia
Steven S. Estonia
Tanel T. Estonia
Teemu T. Finland
Tero L. Finland
Tomas Fredrik K. Sweden
Tomi K. Finland
Tomi L. Estonia
Tommi Petteri L. Finland
Toni Ville Tapani O. Finland
Tuukka M. Finland
Ville S. Estonia
Yan B. Belgium
Ы Latvia