Event #16 - Mystery Event

14.02.2018 19:00
110.00 €
OlyBet Kings of Tallinn
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

Freezeout, Turbo, Levels 15 min, Late Reg 4 Levels


Valentine's Day Special - a NLH with Valentine's Day Twist: the Queen of Hearts is Wild! And we have a special prize added for the winner!

Satellites available at OlyBet. More info here.

NB! Registration open also in money at OlyBet 3h prior to tournament.

Starting stack


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Aki Paveli V. Finland 1,800.00 €
2 Mikael Anton Ilmari N. Finland 1,280.00 €
3 Jarkko Juhani S. Finland 850.00 €
4 Jani Kristian R. Finland 530.00 €
5 Tanel T. Estonia 370.00 €
6 barny Estonia 265.00 €
7 Jaanus V. Estonia 225.00 €
Adnan H. Finland
Aleksandr P. Finland
Andro L. Estonia
Antoine D. Malta
Aron U. Estonia
Arto L. Finland
Daniel A. Sweden
DoubleK Latvia
Eetu S. P. V. Finland
Gediminas M. Lithuania
Hannu H. Finland
Harri N. Finland
Henri Mikael O. Finland
Jääkarulaadnetoode Estonia
Janek U. Estonia
Johnny Peter L. Estonia
Juha W. Finland
juuso71 Finland
Karlino Latvia
Kevin C W. Estonia
Kirill N. Estonia
Lasse L. Finland
Linda Madleena L. Finland
Marjo N. Finland
Marko Jyri Juhani V. Finland
Marko K. Finland
Mika P. Finland
Mikael Frank Finland
Mikko K. Finland
Nemo V. Finland
Nils Leif Michael D. Sweden
OjasooT Estonia
Oliver K. Estonia
Olli V. Estonia
Petri Lamberg Finland
Petri N. Finland
Petri Olavi N. Finland
Pia V. Finland
Rene E. Estonia
Renee S. Estonia
Roman K. Estonia
Romans L. Latvia
Seppo S. Finland
Sergei K. Estonia
Siim S. Estonia
Teemu T. Finland
Tero L. Finland
Tomi K. Finland
Tommi Petteri L. Finland
Toni Ville Tapani O. Finland
Vladislav N. Estonia
VS Latvia