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Nautica Winter campaign "To the warm"

14. December 2017 to 15. February 2018

Nautica Winter campaign

Between the 14th of December 2017 and 15th of February 2018, there is a Winter campaign “To the warm” in Olympic Casino Nautica. In the prize pool, there is a 1000€ worth travel check + 500€ travel money. The final will take place on the 15 of February at 8 pm.

Terms and conditions

Campaign tickets can be accumulated as follows:

On slot machines

  • Every customer, playing slot machines every full hour regardless of their bet - 1 paper ticket
  • Every customer, playing electronic roulette every full hour regardless of their bet - 2 paper tickets.

For bonus points

  • Playing WITH A CUSTOMER CARD and having accumulated at least 1 bonus point - 1 virtual ticket in the virtual basket. When calculating the number of tickets accumulated, bonus points are not withdrawn. .


  • The final of the additional game of chance “Nautica Winter Campaign - To the warm” takes place in Olympic Casino Nautica on the 15th of February 2018 at 8 pm.
  • Identities of the participants of the additional game chance will be verified in accordance with the demands of the “Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention act”.
  • In order to participate in the draw of the additional game of chance, a customer needs to be present in Olympic Casino Nautica during the draw, that is if they want to with 100% of the prize pool. If a winner is not present in the casino, then they only win the travel check and the 500€ travel money will be drawn out between other participants of the campaign.
  • Customers with a valid casino ban cannot participate in the game of chance.
  • One customer has only 2 chances to participate in the draw, so they can only have up to 2 tickets in the final (counting both baskets, 1 ticket from a paper ticket basket, and 1 from a virtual ticket basket).  
  • Conditions for the draw of the additional game of chance.

A winner will be drawn out on a roulette table via SPIN in accordance with the valid rules of the American Roulette. A Fortune will draw 37 tickets out of paper and virtual baskets in turns. These will participate in the final of the additional game of chance. The draw will begin with the paper ticket basket. Once all the 37 are placed onto a table, a dealer performs a Spin, and a holder of the winning number (the one where a ball ends up landing) wins a travel check worth 1000€ + 500€ in travel money, that is IF THEY ARE PRESENT in the casino. If they are not present, then they only win 1000€ travel check, and the 500€ will be played for again. In this case, a new ticket goes onto the roulette table, a new spin is performed and a new winner is selected. If the 500€ winner is not present, then they only win 50% of the sum or 250€. A new ticket is taken to be placed in the empty spot and a new spin is performed for the last time. A corresponding ticket holder wins 250€ regardless if they are present or not.