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Mystery 25 campaign

16. April 2018 to 20. June 2018

Mystery 25 campaign

Olympic Casino Estonia campaign “Mystery 25” with a prize pool of 2 500 000 bonus points (25 000€) is taking place between the 16th of April 2018 and the 20th of June 2018. This campaign is based on paper tickets.

Terms and conditions

Conditions for earning a ticket:

  • playing on slot machine every full hour - one paper ticket
  • playing table games every full hour - one paper ticket 

The Draw

  • The final of the Jackpot will take place in Olympic Park Casinos (Kreutzwaldi 23, Tallinn) with a live broadcast into all the other OCE casinos at 8 pm on the 20th of June 2018.
  • The prize pool of the campaign worth 25 000€ will be divided as follows: 
  • 1 x 1 000 000 bp ( 10 000 € )
  • 2 x 500 000 bp  (2 x 5 000 € )
  • 2 x 150 000 bp ( 2 x 1 500€ )
  • 2 x 100 000 bp ( 2 x 1 000€ ) 
  • In order to participate in the Jackpot draw a ticket-holding customer needs to be present in any OCE casino unless stated otherwise.
  •  A customer can issue a simple letter of authority to authorize another person to take part in the Jackpot draw on the basis of an ID document. A written letter of authority with copies of the relevant ID documents needs to be submitted by 8 pm, one day before the draw to a cashier’s desk / desks in a specific Olympic casino / casinos in Estonia where customer’s tickets are being drawn out unless stated otherwise.
  • Customers with a valid casino ban cannot issue letters-of-authority, nor can they participate in the Jackpot draw. If a customer gets casino ban during the campaign period and they have accumulated tickets, then these tickets become void.
  • A roulette table is used for the Jackpot draw.
  • 37 finalists are randomly selected for the Jackpot draw. 
  1. Firstly 1 finalist from each Olympic Casino Estonia is selected from the tickets, accumulated in the corresponding slot hall. In total 25 finalists (24 slot halls + Park casino table are), amongst these 25 finalists, 1 customer can be selected only once. A ticket holder or a person authorized by them need to be present in a specific casino, where their ticket is being drawn out. 
  2. After that additional tickets are randomly selected in between all the slot halls. In case of these 12 final tickets, 1 participant can be selected with no more than 3 tickets. There is a basket prepared in Park casino with 25 labels with different slot hall names. A fortune draws out a slot hall, from which a participant joins the final, 12 times. Every time when a slot hall name is drawn out, Fortune place a label back and shuffles the labels. After a slot hall name is drawn out, this slot hall proceeds to draw out a new finalist from its own paper ticket basket.  

Taking into account both possibilities, 1 customer might have no more than 4 tickets from the 37, participating in the final. 

  • For each participating ticket, its holder needs to place a monetary bet of 0,10€ on the roulette table. By placing the bet, a customer confirms correctness of personal data submitted, their wish to participate in the draw and their consent with the rules of the game.
  • Tickets are selected from a paper ticket basket and immediately after that, a customer identity is verified using registration software Visitor. In order to verify customer’s identity.  OCE casino personnel have a right to ask for an ID. 
    • The identity of a customer participating in the final on the basis of a letter of authority is verified by an ID.
    • A Park casino Fortune writes down first and second names of finalists on draw tickets, places these into envelopes and on the roulette table.
    • If a finalist or a person authorized by them is not present in a casino during the Jackpot draw, does not react upon hearing their name in a casino, where their ticket was drawn out of the basket or cannot be identified, then they lose their right to participate in the Jackpot draw and a new finalist is selected to fill up their place in accordance with these rules of the game.
    • Prize winners are selected by a SPIN in accordance with the authorized procedure of the American Roulette. The main prize of 1 000 000 bonus points (10 000€) is won by a ticket on the number, where the ball lands. After that prizes are divided in accordance with the article 4.2, or numbers on both sides of the winning number both win 500 000 bonus points (5 000€), the next two numbers to both sides win 150 000 bonus points (1 500€) and lastly the next two numbers to both sides win 100 000 bonus points (1 000€).
    • Wins will be transferred to the winners club cards in bonus point during the next 2 working days at the latest.