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Marja Daily Bonus

Marja Daily Bonus

In between the 16th of July 2018 and the 31st of August 2018, there is a campaign “Daily Bonus” running in Olympic Casino Marja. The prize pool of the campaign is 170 000 bonus points (1700€). Draws with a prize of 5000 bonus points (50€) take place every working day at 8 pm.

Terms and conditions

The condition for getting a ticket

For bonus points: 

  • Playing WITH A CLUB CARD and having accumulated at least 1 bonus point - 1 virtual ticket in the virtual basket. Bonus points are not withdrawn from a player’s account when calculating the number of tickets accumulated. 

The draw

  • Additional game of chance “Marja Daily Bonus” takes place in Olympic Casino Marja between the 16 of July 2018 and the 31 of August 2018
  • Draws take place every day at 8 pm, tickets accumulated during the 24 hours (8 pm - 8 pm) preceding the draw participate. On Monday tickets accumulated between 8 pm on Friday and 8 pm on Monday participate. The first draw takes place on the 17th of July at 8 pm. Tickets that have participated in a draw do not advance to the next one.
  • The identity of a participant in the additional game of chance is verified in accordance with the demands of the “Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention act”. 
  • In order to participate in a draw of the game of chance, a customer needs to be present in Olympic Casino Marja during the draw.
  • Customers with a casino ban cannot participate in the game of chance.
  • Conditions of a draw of the game of chance:
  • Daily Bonus Draw of 5 000 bonus points (50€) proceeds as follows: tickets of two finalists are drawn out from a virtual ticket basket. Then the first finalist performs a spin on a roulette and a number is determined. Then the second finalist does the same. The one with the higher number wins the Daily Bonus.
  • If during a draw it becomes clear, that there is only 1 finalist present or there is nobody present, then the prize money of this day adds up to the next day’s prize money.
  • In the last draw, on the 31st of May, the procedure is as follows: finalists are being drawn out until two finalists, who are present, are not picked. In case if the second finalist cannot be picked, the first one wins Daily Bonus automatically. In case if none of the drawn out ticket holders are present, the Daily Bonus wins the first ticket holder to have been drawn out, regardless of whether they are present or not.