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Kristiine Anniversary campaign

16. July 2018 to 20. September 2018

Kristiine Anniversary campaign

Between the 16th of July and the 20th of September 2018 there is an Anniversary campaign going on in Olympic Casino Kristiine with a prize pool of 150 000 bonus points (1 500€). 

Terms and conditions

Campaign tickets can be accumulated as follows: 

For bonus points:

  • Playing with a club card and having accumulated 1 bonus point - 1 virtual ticket in the virtual basket. When calculating the number of tickets accumulated, bonus points are not withdrawn

On slot machines:

  • Every registered customer, who starts playing with a club card, regardless of stakes - 1 paper ticket (1 paper ticket during 12h) 

The Draw

  • The draw of the additional game of chance „Kristiine Anniversary campaign“ will take place in Olympic Casino Kristiine (Endla 45, Tallinn) at 8 pm on the 20th of September 2018.
  • Identities of the participants of the additional game chance will be verified in accordance with the demands of the “Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention act”.
  • In order to participate in the draw of the additional game of chance, a customer needs to be present in Olympic Casino Kristiine during the draw, unless stated otherwise before the draw.
  • As an exception for THE FINAL, a customer can submit a simple letter-of-authority, authorizing another person to participate in the additional game of chance on their behalf. A written letter-of-authority with copies of identity confirmation documents needs to be submitted to the Olympic Casino Kristiine cashier’s desk by 6 pm on the 20th of September 2018 at the latest, unless stated otherwise.
  • If a customer is participating in the draw of the additional game of chance on the basis of another player’s letter-of-authority, then the winnings are paid out only on the basis of a notarial confirmation.
  • An identity of a customer participating in the draw on the basis of a letter-of-authority is verified by their identity confirmation documents.
  • Customers with a casino ban can neither participate in the game of chance, nor submit letter-of-authority.
  • If a customer is not present in the casino during the draw, does not react upon hearing their name or their identity cannot be verified, then they lose their right to participate in the game of chance and a new customer is selected to fill up their place in accordance with the confirmed game rules.
  • Any customer can participate in the final with up to 3 tickets.
  • Conditions for the draw of the additional game of chance:
  • Winners will be drawn out on a roulette table via SPIN in accordance with the procedure set in the rules of the American roulette. A Fortune will draw 37+7 tickets in turns out of paper and virtual baskets (starting from a paper basket), these tickets will participate if the final draw of the game of chance. After all the 37 tickets will be drawn out, a dealer will perform a Spin and a holder of the winning number (the one where a ball ends up landing) will win 10 000 bonus points. The procedure will be repeated until all the monetary prizes will be drawn out. Distribution of the prizes will start with 5 x 10 000 bonus points, lastly, a winner of 50 000 bonus points will be drawn out. 
  • Winnings will be transferred to the customers’ club cards in bonus points within two business days at the latest.  

 OlyBet sports forecast campaign

  • The campaign is taking place in Kristiine sports bar between the 16th of July and the 20th of September 2018.
  • ALL the nonwinning sports betting tickets for a sum of 10€ or more submitted in Kristiine sports bar participate in the campaign.
  • In order to participate customers have to write down their first and second names as well as phone numbers on the nonwinning tickets.
  • In the sports bar, there is a special basket to gather up the tickets.
  • The prize pool of the campaign is 350 Match Play Money, which is split up as follows: 1 x 200; 1 x 100 and 1 x 50 MPM if a winner is present. If not, they only receive 50% of the winnings.
  • The final will take place at 8 pm on the 20th of September.
  • In the final one customer can only win one prize.
  • Customers with a sports betting ban cannot participate in the draw.
  • Winnings in MPM will be added to customers’ accounts during the next business day at the latest.