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Car campaign "Olympic Race"

01. February 2019 to 20. June 2019

Car campaign

The last stage of the “Olympic Race” car campaign is going on in Olympic Casino Estonia between 16.05.19 and 20.06.19. It is possible to win a new model of Toyota RAV 4.

Terms and conditions

Conditions for participating the Jackpot:

  • Playing slot machines with a club card 1 virtual ticket = 1 bonus point.
  • Playing table games with a club card 1 virtual tickets = 1 bonus point.

Prizes of the campaign are up to 4 Toyota RAV4 cars and at least 1 Toyota RAV4 + monetary prizes of 3 x 10 000€. A prize of a draw is to be decided right before the start of the draw.

For that, there are prepared 3 boxes, one of them contains car keys and two others monetary Jackpots, each one 10 000€ worth. A prize of the draw is decided on a roulette table by placing each box on a column and performing a spin. If a ball falls on 0, a spin is performed until it falls on one of the columns. If a monetary prize was drawn out in the first three draws, then the prize of the fourth draw is a car regardless and no spin to decide on a prize of the draw is performed.

If a monetary prize of 10 000€ is to be drawn out, then it is split as follows: 1 x 5000€, 2 x 1500€ and 2 x 1000€


  • Jackpot finals take place in Olympic Park Casino (Kreutzwaldi 23, Tallinn) starting at 20 and with a direct broadcast into all the other OCE (Olympic Casino Estonia) casinos.

➢     14.03.2019 between all the tickets, collected between 01.02 and 6 pm 14.03.19.

➢     11.04.2019 between all the tickets, collected between 14.03 – and 6 pm 11.04.19

➢     16.05.2019 between all the tickets, collected between 11.04 – and 6 pm 6.05.19  

➢     20.06.2019 between all the tickets, collected between 16.05 – and 6 pm 20.06.19 - A Toyota RAV 4 is guaranteed as a prize.

  • To participate in a Jackpot draw, a virtual ticket holder needs to be present in any OCE casino and be registered on the day of the draw between 8 and 20, unless stated otherwise before the draw.
  • A player can submit a simple letter-of-authority, authorizing another customer to participate in the draw on their behalf. A written letter-of-authority with copies of ID documents needs to be submitted to the cashier’s desk in any OCE casino by 20:00 the day before the draw at the latest unless stated otherwise.
  • Customers with a casino ban can neither participate in the campaign nor submit letters-of-authority.
  • A jackpot draw is performed on a roulette table.
  • To participate in a Jackpot draw, 37 finalists are randomly selected.
  • First of all, 1 finalist is drawn out of all the virtual tickets collected in each OCE casino (except for Park), so 23 finalists in total, whereas 1 person can become one of these 23 finalists 1 time only. At this time a customer needs to be present in an OCE casino or to hold a corresponding letter of authority. If a customer is not present in a casino when their ticket is drawn out, then a new ticket is taken to replace theirs.
  • Kristiine casino closes temporarily on February 28, 2019, because of that a customer advancing further from this casino will be decided upon March 14, 2019 in Olympic Casino Magistral (Kristiine casino customers will be invited over, and THEY WILL NEED TO BE PRESENT THERE, IF THEY WISH TO PARTICIPATE) and Kristiine casino will not participate in later draws (in Olympic Casino Kristiine from February 1 until February 28 tickets are being collected into a separate basket).
  • In Park casino, 2 tickets are drawn out from the slot machines area and 2 - from the table games area.
  • After that additional 10 tickets are randomly selected from all the casinos, whereas 1 person can become on these 10 finalists with up to 3 tickets.
  • A customer needs to place a monetary bet of 0,10€ for their every ticket. By doing so, they confirm the accuracy of their submitted data, their wish to participate in the draw and their compliance with the rules of the game.
  • Tickets are drawn from a virtual basket, and a customer card number and their first name are shown on a screen. Their identity is verified immediately using customer registration software Visitor. To verify a customer’s identity, OCE staff can ask customers for their IDs.  
  • If a customer participates on the basis of a letter of authority, then their identity is verified on the basis of their ID.
  • A Fortune writes down customer card numbers and first names of the finalists on tickets, places these into envelopes and on a roulette table.
  • If a customer is not present in a casino during the draw, does not react upon hearing their name for 2 minutes and it is impossible to identify them, then they lose their right to participate in a draw, and a new customer is selected following these game rules.
  • A winner is selected through a SPIN on a roulette table following the rules of the American Roulette.
  • If a monetary prize of 10 000€ is being drawn out, then the winnings are split as follows:
    • The main prize of 5 000€ goes to a customer, whose ticket is placed on the winning number.
    • Two customers, whose tickets are located to both sides of the winning number (on a roulette wheel), win 1 500€ each.
    • Two customers, whose tickets are located further to the sides of the winning number (on a roulette wheel), win 1 000€ each. 
  • If a winner in the corresponding OCE casino cannot be reached within 5 minutes of their selection, then their win is declared void and a new winner is selected following these rules.
  • Winnings cannot be taken out in cash, if a car is being drawn out.

OCE reserves itself a right to distribute additional prizes amongst the finalists.