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Rules of Using the Olympic Club Card

  • You will get the first club card for free.
  • To collect bonus points please insert Your card to the card reader while playing the slot machine or present Your card to the dealer for logging in before You start the game on the table.
  • The bonus point exchange rate is 100 bonus points = 1 EUR.
  • The minimum bonus point amount to be exchanged for cash is 100 points, which is 1 EUR.
  • If the card owner has not been using the card for a year, Olympic Casino has the right to cancel the card and annul already existing points on the card.
  • You are required to present Your ID while paying for goods and services in bonus points.
  • Olympic Casino is entitled to make corrections in the amount of bonus points on the card in case of system error or any kind of mistake or cheating.
  • Olympic Casino has the right to change club card benefits.
  • Club card is personal and must not be handed over to a third person.
  • Olympic Casino staff’s family members and relatives cannot own nor use the client card and club card discounts.
  • If You have lost Your client card or it has been stolen, You should immediately contact the Olympic Casino reception by phone 1677 (24h).New client card will be issued to You in any Olympic Casino.
  • For every next client card 1 EUR is charged.
  • Olympic Casino is not responsible for lost and stolen cards. I am aware that if I wish to add information about myself, edit or amend the data entered in this application or review the data entered in this application, get information based on this data, decline it or make objections, then it can be done by sending a request to Olympic Casino Eesti AS at the address Pronksi 19, Tallinn, 10124 Harjumaa, www.olympic-casino.ee or by contacting the customer relations department by phone no. +372 6671250.
  • Olympic Casino Eesti AS guarantees the security of any submitted personal information and allows any third person access the information only in the cases stipulated by law and in the terms of the program.
  • The club card data are stored indefinitely.You can cancel Your club card by writing a corresponding application. This application can be written in any Olympic Casino.
  • In case of breaking the Gambling Law of Estonian Republic, gambling rules of Olympic Casino or house regulations, Olympic Casino has the right to end contract with the client and not allow them to enter its casinos indefinitely.