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Jackpot Systems

Olympic Mystery Jackpot

Olympic Casino slot machines (exc. Idakeskus, Tasku Keskus, Lõunakeskus) are connected to Olympic Mystery Jackpot system. The jackpot can be won with all bets made in every machine. This is an opportunity for an additional win created by players themselves since it is accumulated by all the bets made in the machines. The size of the jackpot is displayed on Mystery Jackpot screen in the hall. Mystery Jackpot is won by a random bet – thus, if You’re lucky, You could win the jackpot with Your first minimum bet!

Olympic Casino Haabersti 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Järve 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Jõhvi 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Kopli 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Kristiine 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Lasnamäe Centrum 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Magistral 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Marja 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Mustakivi 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Mustika 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Narva Fama 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Norde/Nautica 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Nurmenuku 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Olümpia 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Pirita 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Pärnu 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Vana-Viru 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Ülemiste 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Ülikooli 215,317 €
Olympic Casino Ümera 215,317 €
Olympic Park Casino 215,317 €


 NEW Fort Knox-  at Olympic Park Casino

At Olympic Park Casino there is now 2 Fort Knox jackpot systems! The NEW Fort Knox brings 2 different games (Cleopatra and Diamond Vault) and all this featuring the industry’s largest curved-screen monitor, and the ultra-high definition 4K resolution screen visually stunning, CrystalCurve™ cabinet boasts a strong library of innovative games for all types of players.

Highest level start from 6000€ and minimum bet - 0,5€ and maximum bet 4€.


Olympic Park Casino 7,774 €

Fort Knox

The multilevel jackpot system Fort Knox is named after the famous American bullion depository. When a Fort Knox bonus game is triggered bells ring and respective symbols appear on the display. The jackpot system has four levels: Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum. A bonus game is triggered regardless of a combination and stake, always starting from the Copper level. Players choose from a grid of safes and move forward to a higher level or return. The higher the level, the higher the bonus wins. The highest Platinum jackpot starts from 10 000 euros. The new slot machines are easy to recognise because of their distinctive sign package – look for a heap of gold above the slot machines!

Olympic Casino Magistral 11,635 €
Olympic Casino Nurmenuku 11,439 €
Olympic Casino Kristiine 10,985 €
Olympic Casino Lõunakeskus 10,969 €
Olympic Casino Pirita 10,859 €
Olympic Casino Vana-Viru 10,711 €
Olympic Casino Narva Fama 10,707 €
Olympic Casino Mustika 10,700 €
Olympic Casino Mustakivi 10,422 €
Olympic Park Casino 10,417 €
Olympic Casino Pärnu 10,320 €
Olympic Casino Järve 10,318 €
Olympic Casino Haabersti 10,112 €
Olympic Casino Lasnamäe Centrum 10,085 €
Olympic Casino Ülemiste 10,068 €
Olympic Casino Norde/Nautica 10,050 €
Olympic Casino Ülikooli 4,050 €
Olympic Casino Marja 2,052 €


King Kong Cash

The name and theme of Atronic's magnificent multilevel jackpot system King Kong Cash is based on the well known Universal Studios' box office hit King Kong and currently this is the slot machine manufacturer's most popular system. The 4-level jackpot system with numerous additional win opportunities is guaranteed to give lots of exciting experiences and joy of winning to all King Kong fans. The higher level wins start from 2 000 euros.

King Kong Cash has been awarded the title of Best Slot Machine Game by an international jury at the Gaming Awards 2008 gala event.

Olympic Casino Nurmenuku 3,893 €
Olympic Casino Ümera 3,056 €
Olympic Casino Mustika 2,790 €
Olympic Casino Ülikooli 2,755 €
Olympic Casino Jõhvi 2,727 €
Olympic Casino Kopli 2,727 €
Olympic Casino Pärnu 2,700 €
Olympic Casino Haabersti 2,603 €
Olympic Casino Idakeskus 2,431 €
Olympic Casino Kristiine 2,428 €
Olympic Casino Lõunakeskus 2,318 €
Olympic Casino Marja 2,315 €
Olympic Casino Mustakivi 2,127 €
Olympic Casino Tasku 2,043 €


Egyptian Gold

Egyptian Gold is an excellent jackpot system with possibilities to win on five levels and lots of bonuses! 

For more information about the game and to get acquainted with the game click here:

Olympic Casino Marja 6,624 €
Olympic Casino Magistral 4,537 €
Olympic Casino Idakeskus 4,432 €
Olympic Casino Lõunakeskus 4,041 €


Player’s Choice Diamond Edition


Player’s Choice Sapphire Edition

Olympic Casino Järve 16,107 €
Olympic Casino Lasnamäe Centrum 15,317 €


Golden Peach


88 Fortunes

Olympic Casino Lasnamäe Centrum 11,208 €



Olympic Casino Ülemiste 1,233 €
Olympic Casino Narva Fama 1,187 €
Olympic Casino Marja 417 €


Lock-it Link

New and a modern jackpot-system Lock-it Link, where you can win in 4 different level. The highest Grand level jackpot starts from 12 500 euros. Lock It Link - Diamonds™, is a game men will enjoy but designed with the ladies in mind. This dazzling title features 6 Free Games and the Lock It Link Respin Feature awarding incredible credit payouts! Lock It Link - Diamonds™ will sparkle and shine like a diamond on your casino floor!
The extravagance and luxury of big city dreams are wrapped into one in Lock It Link - Night Life™! Featuring 6 Free Spins and the Lock It Link Respins Feature, with huge credit payouts, players will fall in love with Lock It Link - Night Life™!
You can find it in Olympic Casino Haaberstis.

Fu Gui Rong Hua


Poker Jackpot

Poker Jackpot is a jackpot system that links the Oasis poker and Russian poker tables in Olympic Park Casino and grows with every bonus bet.

To win the Jackpot you only need one bonus bet and one combination – Royal Flush – without changing cards. The lucky winner is immediately credited with the Jackpot total.

In addition to the main win Poker Jackpot offers players with bonus bets other options for winning: the winner with a Straight Flush is paid 20% of the Jackpot total, with Four of a Kind additional wins start from €500, with a Full House the minimum bonus win is €250, a Flush will award the winner at least €125 and with a Straight the winner gets at least €50 for the bonus win.

Note: With bigger bonus bets you can increase the above amounts (except with Straight Flush) up to five times!

And there is more! The Jackpot machine awards players all the time with Magic Card and Lucky Player wins, adding €25 or €50 (respectively) to the winnings of a random player.

One bet, one combination – and the Jackpot could be yours!

Olympic Park Casino 20,818 €


Blackjack Jackpot

Olympic Park Casino 2,420 €